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How can a Home inspector help?

  • If you are about to buy a property, I will help you make an informed decision.
  • With my advice, you can choose the best-located, most livable and optimal apartment or house from the numerous real estate advertisements in less time.
  • Together we look at the selected home from a technical, legal and architectural perspective. You will get the full picture before making one of the biggest decisions of your life.
  • This is not only important for awareness, but can also be useful when negotiating the price! You can save more money during the negotiation than the price of the home inspection service.

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Beratung vor Immobilienkauf


If you are facing any problems, you can count on me!

Homebuyer report

Where should I start?

During the consultation, we discuss your goals, expectations and options. Then you will know exactly what kind of house to look for, where and how big!

Consultation about property listings

Time-wasting house listings

If you already know what you are looking for, I will help you avoid spending time viewing properties without potential.

Home inspection service

Home Inspection

Have you already selected your dream property? Have it thoroughly inspected with an on-site inspection before making an offer!

About me

Bernadett Micskei

Bernadett Micskei

Architect and certified real estate appraiser

I attended a bilingual technical secondary school for construction, receiving not only theoretical but also practical training. To this day, I still prefer building to cooking.

I completed my studies at the Budapest University of Technology (BME) as an MSc architect specializing in construction and then obtained a qualification as a real estate appraiser. I'm a member of the Hungarian Real Estate Association (MAISZ).

During my more than ten years of professional experience, I worked in all areas of the building industry: from planning through construction of office buildings to project management of several thousand square meter commercial properties.

My homebuying was also an instructive case that could have gone wrong without a professional background, from the lack of a use permission to the raising of the neighbor's chimney.

A series of requests from friends made it clear how much I could help as an architect in the house hunt.


Moisture meter

Measurement of wood and building moisture with a capacitive sensor. The measurement is completely non-destructive. With its help, it quickly becomes clear when the walls, the floor, or maybe the roof are wet.

  • wood
  • concrete
  • brick

Thermal imager

A thermal camera is used to detect thermal insulation deficiencies and thermal bridges. With its help, cooler and warmer surfaces become visible, so we can get much more information about the condition of a property.

  • infrared mode
  • integrated image mode (infrared and photo)
  • image resolution: 1080*1440 px

Radiation detector

Houses and apartments ceilings often have slag filling, sometimes the walls are made of slag concrete or large blocks of smelter slag concrete. Depending on the region, mining depth and the method of processing, radioactive substances can be enriched in the smelter slag, so it pays to be careful.

  • high sensitivity
  • also detects low level radiation
  • alarm when limit value is exceeded


The endoscope is useful if we want to look into small holes and cracks. It helps to reveal the layers, the direction and quantity of the wires, and we can get a lot of useful information through it.

  • IP67 protection
  • 2 m cable length
  • double camera

Digital multitool

Many options in one device, which can come in handy at any time:

  • camera
  • noise level meter
  • slope meter
  • protractor
  • compass
  • microscope

Laser measure

A distance meter is always a useful tool during a building survey, as it is easy to check the main dimensions of the rooms and the ceiling height.

  • distance measurement
  • floor area measurement
  • interior height measurement

During work

Exploring causes of water damage

Exploring causes of leaks

Examining exterior walls and roof

Examining exterior walls and roof

Inspecting insulation in attic

Inspecting attic

Home inspection with thermal camera

Thermal imaging

Prices (including VAT)

Flat inspection + legal check

200 € / flat

  • Preliminary legal inspection of the property documents before visiting (see Legal check)
  • On-site inspection (60-90 minutes)
  • Inspection of all rooms belonging to the apartment
  • Instrumental measurements
  • Discussion of experiences at the end of the visit (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Handover of photos and report within 1-2 working days that provide a solid basis for price negotiations
  • No travel costs within a 30 km radius of Budapest's Rákóczi Bridge, outside of that distance-based travel costs


75 € / hour

Personal consultation tailored to your needs, for example in the following topics:

  • Clarification of needs and financial possibilities
  • Recommendations on which aspects should be taken into account when searching
  • Typical mistakes for the type of property you are looking for and how you can avoid them
  • Evaluating the real estate ads you have selected to save time and effort
  • Suggestion which ad is worth viewing in person
  • In Budapest in person, or online
  • Legal background check
  • Home inspection

Flat inspection

150 € / Flat

  • On-site inspection (60-90 minutes)
  • Inspection of all rooms belonging to the apartment
  • Instrumental measurements
  • Discussion of experiences at the end of the visit (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Handover of photos and report within 1-2 working days that provide a solid basis for price negotiations
  • No travel costs within a 30 km radius of Budapest's Rákóczi Bridge, outside of that distance-based travel costs
  • Legal background check

Legal check

60 € / home

  • Examination of the legal status of the residential property
  • Checking the property sheet and extract from the cadastral maps
  • Checking local building regulations
  • Includes the service fee for property sheets (2 x 3,000 HUF)
  • Written report of the results within 2 working days via email
  • Home inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

Start here and save time. If you have any further questions, please contact me to discuss together what you need.

Once you have selected the service you need, don't hesitate to contact me by email (info@homeinspection.hu).

In the case of a personal meeting, you can pay the service fee on-site in cash, by bank card or by instant bank transfer. In case of an online consultation or email service, you can pay by bank transfer. In all cases, I issue an electronic invoice.

There are no travel costs within a 30 km driving distance of Budapest's Rákóczi Bridge. Therefore, you can order a house inspection without travel costs for entire Budapest and surrounding areas (e.g. Biatorbágy, Budaörs, Érd, Halásztelek, Szigetszentmiklós, Dunaharaszti, Gyál, Vecsés, Nagytarcsa, Fót, Dunakeszi, Budakalász, Pomáz, Szentendre, Nagykovácsi, Páty).

For inspections outside the 30 km driving distance of Budapest's Rákóczi Bridge, the travel costs are 100 HUF/km in both directions. In this case, it is worthwhile to visit not only one property at a time, but possibly several properties at the same time, if I am already there. Please indicate the location and number of properties in your booking so that I can calculate the time!

Naturally. If the properties are close to each other and the trip does not take much time, it is also possible to visit 2 houses one after the other. In this case, you will receive a 20% discount on the price of the second home inspection.

I would be very happy to guide you on your journey to your dream property. Therefore, if you use more than one of my services, I'll give you a discount: 10% off the second service and 15% off the third. If we inspect two nearby properties at the same time, I will give you a 20% discount on the price of the second inspection. The discount does not apply to travel costs.

It makes sense to inspect a house after you have already viewed it, are considering buying, but have yet to make an offer (in Hungary, an offer is usually not negotiable afterward).

Coordinating appointments with the seller and the real estate agent is your task and responsibility. Please inform the person concerned about the date of the inspection and its conditions (cancellation policy) and that you are bringing an expert this time. This is important information for them. If they are reluctant to agree, it is certainly not a coincidence. Also, make them aware that photos will be taken of the property and that we would like to view every room from the basement to the attic and ask them to provide access (keys, ladder)!

The home inspection can be carried out without the following documents, but the more information we have, the more we can learn about the house. Ask the current owner to collect all documents related to the property: the building permit plan and permission, and construction plans and occupancy permit, technical data on renovations (when and what was carried out) and the energy certificate.

There are no buildings where spending is not required – it is just a question of how much and when. Building defects can be very diverse: there are past defects, present defects and future defects, as well as visible and hidden defects as well as design, construction and material defects.

The inspection is carried out by visual inspection assisted by measuring devices. The current owner will certainly not allow any destructive examination. Furthermore, we usually cannot go onto the roof (we can go into the attic) and it may happen that we cannot even look at the facade on the property border from the neighboring property.

It is impossible to uncover all of the defects in a building because we cannot take a look inside the structure and, due to a lack of sufficient documentation of past construction and maintenance work as well as troubleshooting interventions, only indirect conclusions are possible.

In practice, the purpose of the inspection is to see through the lens of an engineering expert under what financial conditions, with what attitude (economic, homemade, careful) the property in question was built and therefore what future can be expected.

The floor area of 150 square meters applies to all usable areas that can be viewed (according to the building permit, with garage and terrace). Reduced area information can often be seen in real estate advertisements. If you are unsure about the size of the property, please email me with the available details.

Of course, I am also happy to help with larger or special properties. Please contact me by email and I will provide a custom quote for you based on the size of the property.

Hidden defects can result in expensive measures. An engineer can protect you from such nasty surprises. A poorly chosen property can ruin your life's work, your health and even your relationship. Additionally, it is much more difficult to resell a defective home. A home inspection supports you on site by providing information about the structure of the building and can thus avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase.

The sample contract contains the detailed contract and cancellation conditions, which you can find here.

If the date or the property changes after booking, please let me know by email and we will find a solution.



If you have any questions or would like to order a service, please contact me using the contact details provided below.